Rebellations Sets the Tone in Highlights

Rebellations Sets the Tone in Highlights

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In the three years since Rebellations opened, its professionals have established a reputation for breathtaking and affordable color treatments.  Among the most sought-after techniques are the various types of highlights and lowlights.  Highlights are defined by luminous colors applied to sections of overall darker hair, while lowlights are of course the inverse.  Ombre and balayage treatments are subdivisions of the technique, pertaining to where the colors are applied.

Highlights and lowlights have become an indispensable part of the celebrity diva’s beauty regimen when preparing for knockout red-carpet appearances.  January Jones’ bright blonde strands benefit from lowlights placed around the back of the head and underneath.  Taylor Swift chooses an over-all blonde shade that’s ashy, then lowlighted with coppery tones — lighter toward the back and darker toward the front.  Cameron Diaz and Rachel Bilson flaunt an “off-the-scalp” highlighting treatment that transitions gently but noticeably, from the scalp’s darker blonde tones to much-blonder tips.  The rich brunette hair of Mila Kunis lends itself to caramel-toned highlights, not much lighter than her natural color.  Katy Perry’s midnight-black locks are best suited to subtle highlights of cherry and reddish-blonde – and that’s exactly how she has been featured lately.

The phrase “don’t try this at home” applies emphatically when it comes to these techniques.  Ombre and balayage treatments have received a lot of notoriety, but can be an epic fail in the wrong situations.  On the other hand, if the client is in the mood for a dramatic change in color, ombre and balayage techniques might provide the perfect bridge from one look to the next, over several months, so that an “overnight transformation” can be avoided: http://hobokengirl.com/brunettes-and-blondes-have-equal-amounts-of-fun-thanks-to-ashley-branda/

Other concerns exist for the amateur.  If too-few highlighted areas are chosen, the resulting effect can be too “rock-star.”  (Think: if I judged on American Idol, would I want to look more like Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler?)  Lowlights placed too close to the face can risk the net effect of appearing too drastic.

Trust the expertise of Rebellations’ experienced stylists — who receive regular training at NYC’s Arrojo Studio — to set you up with the look that best complements your overall hair color, individual features and personality.

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